Hi Y’All….Caught you looking! My name is DELANIE. Am I beautiful or what? I am about 50 pounds of Tennessee charm that loves to give kisses and play!
I am about 2-3 years old and I am a soft brown beauty of a pittie mix that loves meeting new people. I am good with other dogs, big and small. I am happy playing or just hanging out watching a movie. I could also be someone’s walking buddy or hang out at the local dog park. I can be active, but not I’m not hyper. I love to play, but can be a very mellow dog, happy as long as I get some lovin’. I love to snuggle and sneak in some kisses!

So, what is my story? I was abandoned in Tennessee in a no bully breed county. I’m not sure what all that means, but they say that no one there is allowed to adopt me because it’s against the law. The only way to find a home is to be “rescued”. The trouble is that I also had heartworm disease because I wasn’t on a monthly preventative so most rescues didn’t want me because heartworm is expensive to treat. The shelter contacted Safe Haven because they knew that was my only chance to get out…other than the bad way. They found a foster home, brought me here to Illinois, and treated me for heartworm. Whew! That was close.

I am one of the sweetest dogs you will meet! So happy to be loved and healthy! The pounds are full in the south, and not a lot of dogs make it out alive. I was blessed to be saved and know the happiness of having a full belly each night and someone to keep me safe. My foster family tells me I’m amazing and silly and will make a great addition for a very lucky family…if you think you might be that lucky family, please email safehavendogsil@yahoo.com for an application. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Our standard adoption fee is $295 cash or check and $300 credit card ($5 processing fee). It includes spay/neuter when age appropriate at our participating vets, age appropriate core vaccinations, fecal testing, deworming, flea and tick preventative,1st vet visit at one of our participating vets, and micro-chipping.

We must have an application, conduct a phone interview, and meet your entire family to approve an adoption. Please email safehavendogsIL@yahoo.com for an application or additional details.

Please note that the breeds and sizes posted in this biography are educated best guesses and are not guaranteed.

Please consider becoming a foster home while you search for your new best friend. We need foster homes – pounds are overflowing with puppies and adult dogs that are at-risk and need help. We can only rescue as many as we have foster home commitments. Fostering is a rewarding experience for your family.