Meet Maddox!
Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
35-40 Pounds

Maddox is a beautiful, energetic and playful puppy. He has an adorable face that calls for attention from kids and adults alike.

He knows how to sit and comes when you call him. He takes good walks with a harness and likes to stay by your side. He is a herding dog breed, so will need to be exercised and given a job to keep him happy.

He is crate trained and will sleep through the night without any accidents. He has completed his potty training and knows how to let you know it’s time to go out. He is fairly high energy and would love a family that is active and willing to take him along on adventures.

Maddox is currently in a foster home with both older and younger children and gets along with everyone. He also has 2 other dogs with him in the home and loves to wrestle and play, he will also step away and lie down when he is done, content to watch the other 2 play.

Maddox does like to chew, so it’s important to keep various chew toys such as antlers or hoofs available for his entertainment. He would also like a Kong ball filled with peanut butter and frozen…this keeps him busy for hours! He loves his toys and will grab toys from the bin on his own and knows how to entertain himself. When he gets excited and starts running, his growing body wiggles and it almost looks like he’s running sideways! When he is done playing, he will find a spot on the floor next to your feet or next to a comfy chair and plop down for a nap. Once asleep, he is down for the count!

If you are looking for a loyal boy that is willing to take on life’s adventures with you…Maddox would love to meet you!

Illinois law requires that all of our dogs and puppies be spay/neutered within 30 days of adoption. In order to fully comply with this regulation and reduce the number of homeless dogs and puppies, we do not permit out of state adoptions of unaltered dogs or puppies.
Our standard adoption fee is $295 cash or check and $300 credit card ($5 processing fee). It includes spay/neuter when age appropriate at our participating vets, age appropriate core vaccinations, fecal testing, deworming, flea and tick preventative,1st vet visit at one of our participating vets, and micro-chipping.

We must have an application, conduct a phone interview, and meet your entire family to approve an adoption. Please email [email protected] for an application or additional details.

Please note that the breeds and sizes posted in this biography are educated best guesses and are not guaranteed.