Meet Orlando!!
Lab/Shepherd/Hound mix
Currently 13 weeks
Currently 17 lbs

Orlando is a playful, outgoing, sweet boy. He enthusiastically greets everyone with tail wags and plenty of kisses. His friendly and gentle demeanor makes him suitable for people of all ages. He hasn’t met a person yet who can resist his charm!

Orlando gets along with other dogs, even big dogs. He is eager to engage in playtime with them, whether it involves chasing, tugging, or wrestling.

Orlando is already learning how to walk on a leash. He enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring his surroundings. Playing at dog parks and lounging on the deck are two of his favorite past times.

Orlando is a smart boy and will be easy to train. He already knows how to “sit” on command and responds to corrective cues like “drop it” and “no”. He is easily motivated by food as well as affection. Orlando is mostly house broken and will go to the back door, but needs to be let out frequently during the day since he is still young. Right now he sleeps with one of his fosters and can definitely make it through the night without any mishaps.

Like most puppies, Orlando loves to chew. If you leave it on the floor, he figures it’s fair game and will try to take it. However, he is responding well to “no” so he usually drops it and walks away. He will need plenty of toys to keep him busy. He especially loves tennis balls, bones, and squeaky toys. Due to his chewing, he has been put in a crate during the day if he needs to be left alone. He is content to stay in the crate if you give him something to occupy his time while you are gone.

Orlando will do better with an active family that will engage him and allow him to burn off his energetic side. Once he is ready to settle down, he will gladly curl up next to you on the couch. All the better if you’re willing to share your popcorn with him!!

Orlando is truly special. The only thing missing is a family to call his own!

Illinois law requires that all of our dogs and puppies be spay/neutered within 30 days of adoption. In order to fully comply with this regulation and reduce the number of homeless dogs and puppies, we do not permit out of state adoptions of unaltered dogs or puppies.

Puppies have special needs and require a home where there will be someone available to care for, socialize, and train them during the day. If your family is away from the home for several hours at a time, please consider adopting a “teen” or adult dog.

Our standard adoption fee is $295 cash or check and $300 credit card ($5 processing fee). It includes spay/neuter when age appropriate at our participating vets, age appropriate core vaccinations, fecal testing, deworming, flea and tick preventative,1st vet visit at one of our participating vets, and micro-chipping.

We must have an application, conduct a phone interview, and meet your entire family to approve an adoption. Please email for an application or additional details.

Please note that the breeds and sizes posted in this biography are educated best guesses and are not guaranteed.