The strength of any nonprofit organization is tied directly to the number of dedicated volunteers that support the daily, weekly and monthly functions.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help share the responsibility of running a dog rescue. Volunteers are needed for the following:

To work adoption events handle a specific dog or puppy and share information with the public

Fund-raising– raising funds for vet bills, transportation, pull fees, and food is an ever challenging job.

Fundraising Events – We host several Bunco events throughout the year as well as other small fundraisers.  We also host an annual “Wag A Thon” that is our main fundraising event.  We can always use more hands to thelp us get these off and running and to assure the evnts are a success.

Transportation We meet our rescue partners in Indianapolis or St. Louis to pick up our rescue pups. Indy is a way mark for our KY and MO teams. We are looking for volunteers with a van or SUV and can donate one day a month or every other month to do a pick up. Or, we often rent an Enterprise Van to make the journey but need a driver. This is a very rewarding experience for families not able to foster but still want to help.

Collect Newspapers Foster families need newspapers for the little pups in their care.

Paper Towel Drive In a given month we spend up to $50 on paper towels. While this may not sound like a lot of money it equals $600 per year. This money could go towards pull fees to rescue more dogs.

Public Relations Coordinator Word of mouth and newspaper articles place as many dogs in new homes as our website does. We need a dedicated volunteer to tackle the job of working with the community to gain exposure for the dogs and puppies in our care.

Dog Food Drive Dog food drives help save the rescue several thousand dollars per year. A dog food drive is easy to coordinate and local grocery stores are happy to participate. Do you have time to coordinate one for our pups

Other ideas Do you have a talent or passion to share with our rescue We would love to hear from you!