Yellow Dog
3 years / 60lbs
Yellow Lab Mix

Looking for your new best friend? Do you love the feel of velvet? Are you searching for somebody who just wants to love you? If yes – then you need to make me part of your family.

I love people and when my foster walks me I’m convinced everybody has come out just to greet me. When they start petting me they always say “Why yes we did come out just to see you”.

If you need a low maintenance friend then that is me. When my foster bathed me, I was very patient in the tub. I love all dogs I meet on my walks! I wag my tail and try to make them my friend.

I’m a very fit dog. I enjoy a bit of catching tennis balls/chasing soccer balls, but I don’t need to do it for hours. I do get that look in my eye when I’m in yard that means like Top Gun – “I feel the need for speed” – I will tear around for 3 – 5 laps and I’m done. I have a great nose and I use it. I follow the zigs and zags of all the rabbits and squirrels that transverse the yard and hilarity ensues when I flush them out of the bushes and chase them around.

I do need a fenced yard because like all hounds my keen nose will lead me all over and while I respond well to commands my nose can override that. All hounds should be on a leash when walked.

I never bark unless it is important – such as the time my not so bright foster had gone to the far corner of the yard late one night to retrieve a ball and I started barking like crazy. He couldn’t figure out why until he turned around with the flashlight only to discover three of the largest raccoons he’d ever seen sitting on the cedar fence two feet away and just above his head. When I bark you should take notice.

When I need to go I will stand by the door and stare at you. If that doesn’t work I will walk in circles.. I do love walks and car rides and will eat everything you put in front of me.

Whatever your cares in the world are they will melt away when I sit next to you and you stroke my superb fur. I do well in a crate, but prefer to be out of it and next to you. I will love sleeping at the foot of your bed and can’t wait to greet you soon!

Our standard adoption fee is $295 cash or check and $300 credit card ($5 processing fee). It includes spay/neuter when age appropriate at our participating vets, age appropriate core vaccinations, fecal testing, deworming, flea and tick preventative,1st vet visit at one of our participating vets, and micro-chipping.

We must have an application, conduct a phone interview, and meet your entire family to approve an adoption. Please email for an application or additional details.

Please note that the breeds and sizes posted in this biography are educated best guesses and are not guaranteed.

Please consider becoming a foster home while you search for your new best friend. We need foster homes – pounds are overflowing with puppies and adult dogs that are at-risk and need help. We can only rescue as many as we have foster home commitments. Fostering is a rewarding experience for your family.